‘Constructed Reality’ 2014

Edwina Corlette Gallery

Miranda Skoczek’s art gestures towards utopia. Her paintings, which draw freely from across the globe’s visual languages, allow the viewer to witness the birth of new meanings and relationships, and imagine how the fantastical spaces that materialize out of the artist’s musings and experimentations with imagery might be inhabited.

Using a methodology that samples and remixes iconographies from across histories and cultures, Skoczek creates a symbolic palimpsest that collapses any sense of distance between east and west, past and present, abstraction and representation, and demonstrates that, in the end, all forms of representation differ from each other only by degree.

Here seemingly disparate imagery, taken from embroidery patterns, traditional folk art imagery, Chinese and Japanese woodblock prints, Mughal miniatures and Islamic architectural motifs, coalesce on the picture plane and celebrate our human penchant for decoration and embellishment.