‘Fragments and Sunbeams’ 2017

NKN Gallery

Fragments and Sunbeams is Miranda Skoczek’s second exhibition at NKN Gallery. In five new canvases her characteristic layering is evident, as are the delicate washes of colour that make her work instantly recognisable. In this exhibition, the artist approaches a number of themes.

In The Life in Front, a stylised, fragmented head appraises the viewer enigmatically with its watchful eye.

Martha Jane Pettway Quilt is based upon a quilt stitched from scraps and fragments of material by Alabama woman Martha Jane Pettway (1898-2003). In the painting a tumbling ziggurat of red squares extends out to the edges of the canvas across a grey ground, simultaneously drawing the eye to the centre of the picture.

Rug Flag Rug is simultaneously a rug, a flag and a painting. Loose, feathery brushmarks hover in a slab of blue that reveals sumptuous pink and magenta base that glows up from beneath.

A River Moving in Me reveals a deep subaqueous space from which forms emerge and float. The edges of the canvas contain the forms, which seem to drift against them and merge back into the depths. The viewer’s eye is drawn continually between pale blue swathes; lime green disc; vermillion corner patch.

On the Side also makes use of the edges of the canvas. In this case, a buttery slab of yellow and olive crowds out the delicate pink and yellow of the under painting, so that only a small glimpse is visible down the left-hand side. An inky-dark space drifts across the top of the canvas, behind an ambiguous light-blue form which sits on the side of the painting, delicate green dabs of paint floating across it, so that it sinks back into the luscious picture plane.